Online Community Dating Success Techniques

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Is online dating success analogous to offline dating success?

I have a strong feeling that it is a completely different kettle of fish. At the emotional level of course it is all the same however how you act is clearly going to differ online due to the virtual nature of the operation.

I am not suggesting that one must change who they are at the fundamental level, no one should change how they act perhaps in a desperate attempt to impress.


Are there certain ways to act online that will guarantee your success?

If so you, and I, want to know them right...

Saving you time online with community dating sites to cut through the clutter and get what you want fast... sound good?

But first, we must define a few things

What do you want?

Without first knowing what you want you cannot get it, simple right. Further definition about this is required.

Lets say you are a 19 year old guy who is looking for one thing and one thing only.

Girls numbers – cell phone numbers for further contact ( or email address )

As blatant as this is we now have a quantifiable action – more girls numbers,

How do we get more girls numbers?

- Send out more friend requests or more blog posts advertising your situation

- Create multiple accounts at multiple dating sites

- Come across more “attractive” to women in your profile


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Yes there are some moral issues here but remember the only action was to get more numbers – not to display moral fibre to the world.

Another example:

You are a 32 year old women who is looking to connect with a man at a deeper level.

How can you maximize your dating success so that you can guarantee that you will find a soul mate in the shortest time possible?

Once again we need to refine exactly what we are looking for. Create in your mind or write it down the exact man that you desire

Hair color






The greater the definition you create the greater the chance you will be happy with what you find but may take longer to find. Even though it will increase the amount of time to find your man this laser like definition of exactly what you want WILL pay off for you.

What types of personality traits do you LOVE

What types of personality traits really get on your nerves

Be sure to include this in your definition of you ideal mate

If you are not too picky about who you end up with as long as they have similar values then once again let the guys searching know this.

Sign up for as many dating sites and communities as possible to “cast a wide net”

BUT laser your potential catch with a “small mesh net size” if you understand my analogy.

You are ensuring that you guarantee matches that are suited to you and searching the entire country inside multiple sites.

Of course I am aware of these personality matching software systems that dating sites use, use them if you feel they work to narrow down after this first approach.